I’ve been a very bad blogger. I haven’t been around much lately. I’ve been pouting. Wallowing. The usual stuff you do when you get a rejection on a complete. On the plus side the editor at Harlequin gave me a very detailed rejection letter about what they liked and didn’t like. At least I know I have the right amount of sensuality for a Blaze. So I’ll be able to do that in another book. And knowing what was wrong with this book will (hopefully) mean that I don’t do those things in the next one.

Right now though I think I’m going stay away from the straight romance novels and work on the mainstream. There’s absolutely no romance in Simon Says. But as an author at our March TRW meeting pointed out, that doesn’t mean there’s no emotion. So I have to go back and put in more of that.

Right now it’s late so I’m going to bed.

Happy blogging!

4 thoughts on “Rejected

  1. Christine

    WOW!! It’s about time you added a new entry to your blog!!! :o)
    No need to wallow girl!! Pick yourself up and get to Simon Says! I can’t wait to read that one!!! That book will be on my ‘must read’ list!! So hurry and get it done!!! :o)

  2. Cindy

    Christine – I’ll get right to it. Actually I can’t wait to finish it. I’ve been working on it forever.

    Thanks for the hugs, Michelle. Feedback is good. At least it wasn’t a “you poor pathetic loser” letter.

    Thanks, Olga. I intend to go back later and make fixes. Just for me. So I can improve and hopefully sell to them one day.

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