For the screenwriter in you

I’m sure it’s all over the blogosphere that RWA National in San Francisco was an awesome event. What may not be all over the place (and it should be) is how amazing the screenwriting event was, that for me, kicked off National. I’m talking about the Scriptscene mini-conference. It was a great event. It was awesome to meet the amazing ladies who are a part of this chapter. We had three speakers who offered three different perspectives of the film industry.

Leighanne Haddock gave us an insider’s look into the industry from the perspective of a set decorator. It was obvious she loves what she does. So many things go into getting just the right look. I want to go back and re-watch some of my favourite movies now just to pick up the things she talked about.

James Dalessandro had amazing energy and also loves what he does. His book 1906 is being made into a big budget movie. I bought the book and I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out.

Marilyn Atlas talked about Rom Coms and what’s wrong with today’s movies in that genre. Her talk made me want to write one. I just have to find the right story.

Though he wasn’t part of the mini-conference, Blake Snyder was also at National. He gave a workshop on Saturday morning. He was very motivational and broke down his 15 beats for us. He also talked about the 5 count finale. I was also very pleased to hear about two more upcoming Save the Cat! books. The second one, Save the Cat! Falls in Love, about romance in the movies. He also gave a nice plug for the Scriptscene chapter at the end of his talk.

What I noticed the most about all the speakers was their love of what they do. No matter what you write, scripts, books, plays, poetry, you have to love what you do. That passion will translate to the page and make your work that much better.

I’m off to the day job. I’ll post more later on this week.

Until next time…