Who would you like to meet?

I know this question has been asked many times but I was thinking the other day about TV characters I would like to meet. Kind of a twist on the old if you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be question. If they were real people and I could meet anyone my top three males would be: Dean Winchester, Captain Jack Harkness and Dr. Daniel Jackson. Okay, he was a movie character first but he was a TV character for ten seasons.

Coming up with the guys was easy. All three are sexy (and the actors who play them aren’t bad either) but there’s something else about them. They all have their own inner demons. They’re all unique. I genuinely like them. Okay in some cases (all three) I more than like them. I can see myself kicking back and talking with them. Dean is just the kind of guy I would love to stay up late with and talk ghosts and goblins. Yes, talk. For the writer in me who better than a demon hunter to get first hand information for my paranormals? And he has been to Hell and back. Insider information like that could make my books that much more realistic. Then there’s Jack. I loved him the moment he appeared on my TV screen in Doctor Who. I love his flirtatious attitude no matter what gender or species he’s dealing with. I love his loyalty. Plus he’s seen everything. He’d also be great for my research. And finally, there’s Daniel. Proof that nerds are sexy. With all the gate travel he’s done we could talk all night long and I might even understand some of it.

Coming up with three female characters was a tad harder. But I did manage to pick three I would love to meet if they were real people. Abby Sciuto, Brenda Leigh Johnson and Penelope Garcia. Again, I genuinely like these characters. They’re interesting, complex characters. I could picture them as people I’d like to hang out with. Abby reminds me of a girl I went to school with. Brenda is just so cute and tough. But she’s vulnerable too. I like that. Penelope is also cute. I was always pulling for her to find a guy who could see how special she is. And she’s a genius when it comes to computers. She could teach me so much. Of course there’s also that research aspect.

Writer in me aside, I’d still like to meet Dean. Because he’s a bad boy and oddly enough, my mother never told me to stay away from bad boys. I’d still like to meet Captain Jack because I could listen to his voice all day and I’d fight Ianto for him. Daniel would still be on the list too because I just love a sexy nerd. And I’d still like to meet Penelope. It would be awesome to talk to a woman who likes computers more than I do.

Anyone else care to share? What TV characters would you like to meet?

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5 thoughts on “Who would you like to meet?

  1. Cindy

    Edie, good one. Talking to her might be very enlightening.

    Amy, I’ve never seen Mad Men. I take it his attitudes toward women are not good.

    Barbara, I’d love to have those guys on speed dial.

    Mary, yeah, he’s yummy. And he’d be really good to talk to especially if you wrote historicals.

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