Mish Mash Monday

I know I’ve done this before, reworked what the blog is about, and I’m doing it agian. Anyone who reads the blog regularly will know I haven’t really been keeping up with regular blog posts. So the plan is to post Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Mondays will be Mish Mash Monday. Where anything is fair game but it will usually be entertainment related. Wednesdays will be Writing Wednesdays. I’ll be blogging about writing. How my WIPs are going. Blogs about craft. And Fridays will be Freaky Fridays. I’ll be talking about strange and fascinating superstitions.

I was going to talk about gardening today but since I didn’t actually get around to it on the weekend that topic is out. I’m hoping by next weekend I’ll have my raspberry bushes planted.

I feel compelled to talk about a James Bond movie I sort of half watched on Sunday. Live and Let Die. Am I the only person who thought this movie was HORRIBLE? The story itself didn’t hold my interest. When I watch a Bond movie I’m expecting action, intrigue, international destinations, spies. Not Voodoo and hick characters from Louisiana. Could they get any more stereotypical? I’m mean, come on. What were they thinking? And the dialogue. I almost lost my lunch with some of it.

Let’s talk about the CIA agent who freaked out at a dead snake. And then freaked out at a Voodoo warning. And then didn’t know how to use a gun. Her acting wasn’t that great either. I wasn’t sorry to see her get shot. After Bond had slept with her of course.

The whole story was so lame. I still don’t know what they were actually trying to do/stop. And please, can we talk about the “fight” scenes. How bad were they? The boat scene? I’ve seen much better. Of course it was 1973 and movies have come a long way since then. But story is still story. A good story is what it should be about. Maybe the original Ian Fleming story was good but the movie was, dare I say it again, horrible.

The only good things about the movie were Jane Seymour and the title song. She’s still beautiful today but wow, was she gorgeous back then.

Okay, I should get to some writing. I love a stat holiday Monday. Happy Victoria Day everyone!

Until next time…