Haunted Nova Scotia

I picked up a book today called Ghosts of Nova Scotia 10th Anniversary Edition. Looking through the table of contents made me realise Nova Scotia has A LOT of ghosts. I always suspected this of course. And I’d seen the books before when I would visit Cape Breton. There was always a ghost story book about the island or the Maritimes in general. This is the first time I actually bought one.

Nova Scotians do love their ghost stories. And this book has quite a few to satisfy. I of course skipped to the Cape Breton section. But ghosts seem to abound all over the province. I haven’t started reading it yet but I can’t wait to dive in after I’ve read a few other books on my to be read pile. The first two I flipped to involved ghosts and the sea. Ships were wrecking all over the place years and years ago. I was not surprised to learn there is a ghost in Louisbourg. You can just feel the history there. I haven’t seen or felt the ghost there but it’s been a while since I visited. The ghost in the Sydney Coal Mines didn’t surprise me either. How could anyone be surprised to learn there’s a ghost on Murder Island? That name just screams ghost.

One of these years I’d like to go on a ghost tour while I’m in Nova Scotia. Maybe next year. It will depend on when the boyfriend and I visit.

Now I’m off to work on a short story.

Until next time…