Social Media Pet Peeves

I’m a pretty easy going person and I don’t let a lot bother me. But I do have some social media pet peeves. Who doesn’t?

The new Facebook changes. Hate them. Now, I know it’s a free service and they can do what they want and at least there’s a work around if you hate the new news feed but I am getting close to jumping ship. Google+ is looking mighty good right now. If I could just get all of my Facebook contacts over there.

Had to get that off my chest. What I really wanted to talk about were things the people who use social media do that annoy me.

1. InkCanada – ignore this one, it doesn’t apply to you. If you’re inviting me to an in person Facebook event make sure I’m at least in the same province as the event. You can imagine how ridiculous it is to be invited to something that isn’t in my province but I get ones that aren’t even in my country.

2. Friends who turn off their wall functionality.

3. A gazillion posts a day, every day, promoting your book. Keep it up and I will unfriend you.

4. Protecting your tweets. If you don’t want people reading your tweets send an email. I won’t request to follow you.

5. Using a service to verify I’m a person. I won’t click on that link either.

6. People who aren’t celebrities who have hundreds (or thousands) of followers and only follow a select group. If you have 4000+ followers and you only follow 100+ who do you think you are? I won’t follow you.

7. People who aren’t celebrities who don’t @ reply if you tweet them. I’m lucky that most of the people I tweet to do reply.

8. People who use a service to find people to follow and then auto unfollows them if you haven’t followed them back in X number of days. People are busy. They have lives, families, vacations, work. Sometimes it’s not possible to follow you back within three days. I don’t follow back until at least the fourth or fifth day to weed these ones out.

9. People who follow just to get followers. You know the ones. If you don’t follow them back they unfollow you. FYI, not everyone is going to follow you back.

10. People who aren’t celebrities who don’t follow you back. It’s just good Twitter karma to follow back. There are ways to filter tweets, mute people, if you get too many tweets in your stream.

Okay, here are some celebrities who have been known to @ reply or retweet. Keep in mind they don’t ALWAYS reply or retweet:

Jason O’Mara, Angie Harmon, Gordon Ramsay, Eric Johnson, Alyssa Milano.

Until next time…