The problem with television

There is so much wrong with television today where do I start? How about the biggest problem I have with it – the good shows get cancelled before they can find a following. I get that TV is a numbers game. It’s all about the money. Which is another problem I have with it. Now it’s all about false drama (“reality” shows) and just plain shake your head decisions (Swamp People?! Really?). Sigh. I remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel and they actually had programming that taught you something. I remember when The History Channel actually aired programs that deal with (gasp) history. I remember when TV used to be good.

Good shows have always been cancelled. Either too soon (Star Trek – the original series), before they had a chance to get a following (Firefly), too late (Charmed – Season 8 was so not needed), right on time (House) or before they even air (reboot of Wonder Woman). Though with Wonder Woman I was kind of happy it was cancelled before it even aired. I wasn’t happy with the person they got to play the Amazon. For me Lynda Carter is the only Wonder Woman.

Then there’s the writing. Some of it is brilliant (House, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory). Some of it makes me shake my head and wonder if the writers even know what a plot hole is (Terra Nova). Or how to write good dialogue( CSI: Miami). Can someone tell me why CSI: Miami is still on the air?

The possible new pilots for the 2012 – 2013 season have been announced. You can find a list here. I’m not impressed, kind of disappointed actually. Where’s the creativity? The fresh? I mean seriously, two shows called Beauty and the Beast? And a modern Sherlock Holmes in New York. The UK did a brilliant job of a modern day Sherlock Holmes and American TV thinks they can do better? I won’t hold my breath. There were a few shows I thought were intriguing enough to watch the first three episodes. But from the looks of it I’ll have a lot of free time because there will be nothing good on TV. More time for writing!

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2 thoughts on “The problem with television

  1. Jeri

    The type of television that is being created is directly proportional to how much junk viewers are willing to put up with, and from the looks of it, they’ll watch just about anything, or will they?

    Breaking Bad is my favorite! It’s so smartly-written. The characters are despicable, yet the audience roots for Jesse and Walt. Now that’s good writing and acting.

    You might enjoy this rather lengthy David Foster Wallace essay,or perhaps not. He’s an acquired taste.

  2. Cindy

    Jeri, you are so right. Most viewers will put up with junk. I’ve heard Breaking Bad is a great show. I should put that on my to watch list. Is it on Netflix?

    I’ll check out that essay when I get home.

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