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As a writer do you hate social media? Love it? Are you indifferent? No matter how you feel about it social media for writers is a necessary evil. Do you need ALL of them? No. Do you need some of them? Yes. Well, yes if you want to connect with readers and sell books. You can also connect with agents and editors. Not to mention other writers. It’s a digital age. Most of your potential readers are probably online. They probably have more than one social media account. Don’t you want to find them?

I have to admit when I first started on social media I stuck to Facebook. It seemed easier to follow than Twitter. You could do more with it too. Post photos, comment on friends’ status updates. Like companies and interact with them. I had a Twitter account but I hardly ever used it. My followers count stayed locked at 56 for the longest time and I couldn’t figure out why.

I figured out why. The trick with most social media is you have to be social. Since I was never on Twitter I didn’t get new followers. Because I wasn’t tweeting I didn’t have anyone retweeting or replying to me. Because I wasn’t there no one knew I was there so no one followed me.

I’ve tried some of the other social media sites as well. So far Twitter is favourite. It’s my favourite now because I learned how to read it and reply to people. There are tools out there that can help you organize your social media so you don’t waste time online. I use HootSuite to follow my Twitter streams and Facebook news feed. I can update my status and post tweets from there. I can even post updates on my author page from HootSuite.

To help other writers find their social media groove I’m teaching a workshop! Social Media for the Writer starts May 7! Hope to see you there.

See you on Twitter!

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  1. Giselle

    Hi Cindy.. This is definitely one of the most beautiful posts I have read.. Anyway, this is a big help especially to the writers..

  2. Jenny

    Hi Cindy.. I think twitter is definitely one of the most fun and important social networking sites today.. Love this post!

  3. Kurt Gary

    Your article mentions that social media is very important for writers. So, your post is very important for me. thanks.

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