Most annoying show ever finally cancelled!

Okay so maybe the title is an exaggeration. Maybe it wasn’t the most annoying show ever. There could be a more annoying show in the future. I am happy dancing today because the show that would not end was finally cancelled! CSI: Miami is no more! Horatio is gone! Could that character be any more annoying. Writers, what were you thinking? The only thing that would have got me watching that show would have been killing off Horatio.

For some this is not a good day in TV for them. Some good shows got the axe. I loved Unforgettable. Alcatraz was pretty good too and had tons of potential. Over 200 inmates and guards were missing. They could have done episodes into season 10 with that. I’ll miss House but at least it’s going out on a high.

I’m not surprised Missing was cancelled, even though it is my kind of show. I love spies. Love a good kick ass heroine. But from the commercials I’d seen I knew the show wouldn’t do well. And I knew it wouldn’t be one that I would particularly like. I’m’ not a mom. And though I get the mother/child bond I would have been more interested in the show if it was her husband or boyfriend. Plus, how long could they drag it out before viewers just got bored? He couldn’t be “missing” forever. At least the old(er) show Missing (that started as 1-800-MISSING) had a different person missing every episode.

I mourn the passing of some of the shows but we must make way for new shows. I saw what might be coming to TV this Fall and it didn’t look good, though. How about someone in Hollywood gets creative and comes up with something new? Not a medical show, not a police show, not a show about lawyers.

There is one bright spot on the horizon, a show that looks great, creative (sort of – if a new Lost is creative). At least it’s not a cop show. J.J. Abrams has a new show coming this fall. Revolution. From IMDB – A group of people struggle to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously disappeared.

I had an idea like that. In mine it was done on purpose by one person because things have gotten out of hand. Mine was going to be a book. I think J.J. Abrams probably did it better than I could have. Will I still write it? Maybe, maybe not. From the trailer I know mine is very different from the TV show.

Off to get some work done.

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6 thoughts on “Most annoying show ever finally cancelled!

  1. Cathie Dunn

    Cindy, with a title like that you pulled me in! 😈

    Having read yesterday that Alcatraz – my latest fave series – was cancelled, I was keeping an eye out for news about others. And voila! Hadn’t heard Unforgettable was cancelled, too. What is it about shows with strong, intelligent heroines that get cancelled? Sounds like the financiers don’t like them. Well, I did, and I’m gutted.

    Haven’t watched CSI:Miami in many years. Loved the original CSI series in Vegas, but never any of the spin offs. I liked Touch but that’s been cancelled as well.

    I’m chuffed to see JJ Abrams isn’t giving up & another show’s starting in fall. Revolution sounds good. But so did Alcatraz…

    It’s a little frustrating, getting used to fab new series with unusual storylines, only to see them all cancelled after 1 or 2 seasons. Hey ho!

    Fab post…

    1. Cindy

      Thanks for stopping by, Cathie!

      I loved the original as well. Until it got ridiculous. When Grisom left I stopped watching.

      I loved Alcatraz too. So much potential.

      This new Abrams looks good. We’ll see how long it lasts.

      It is frustrating. That’s why we started PVRing the shows and don’t watch them until we find out if they’ve been 1) picked up for a full season 2) renewed or not.

  2. Joselyn Vaughn

    I’m with you on Horatio Caine. I liked the other characters on the show, but his “I know everything and you are all my lackeys who finally solve the mystery from the breadcrumbs I give you” attitude drove me nuts.

    1. Cindy

      LOL, Joselyn. Yes, that attitude was awful. I liked some of the other characters too.

  3. Terri McMillan

    I always know I can count on you for the scoop on TV. I’m crushed. I loved both Unforgettable and Alcatraz. Missing I watch but it is a filler. I am sad about House ending and I will join you on the dance floor now that CSI Miami is finally cancelled.

    1. Cindy

      Hi Terri!

      Yeah, House ending is a bummer but I like it better when shows go out on their own terms instead of the network’s. I’m still happy dancing about CSI: Miami being cancelled. 🙂

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