Continuum – Will you continue watching?

I am Canadian. I love being Canadian. I love our music. We have such talented musicians (Bryan Adams, Hedley, Justin Bieber – yes I said Justin Bieber). We have great writers (Margaret Atwood, Robert J Sawyer, Lucy Maud Montgomery), our scientists have discovered amazing things – isolating insulin as a treatment for diabetes. Inventing Pablum. We have great actors – Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion. I can’t forget our screenwriters/producers/directors – Paul Haggis, David Cronenberg, James Cameron. But when it comes to television programs we used to fall down. The quality just wasn’t there. One look and you could tell it was made in Canada. (Night Heat, Diamonds, Forever Knight) But we’re getting better. Much, much better.

When I saw the commercials for Continuum I thought it looked good. Both the boyfriend and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised, and said we should watch it. It looked slick and well produced.

We watched the first episode and I liked it. A lot. I like the concept. I like the characters. I like the secret Old Alec has. When will he reveal what he knows to Kiera’s husband? Will he reveal what he knows? Did he arrange it so she was in the chamber when the time travel went down? I’m thinking of course he did because he had to. I also like watching shows on Canadian stations because we don’t bleep out words like shit. It amazes me what they bleep out on American television. It’s just a word people, get over it.

I’m hoping they develop the characters a little better in future episodes. As the boyfriend says, Kiera just seems like a bitch. I think she’s a little more sympathetic than that but he likes character driven and I like action. I would have liked a little more of her angst though. She does just seem to take over. Maybe if she had a little more remorse about that. Or wish she could tell them more but she can’t. I’m also wondering when her lie about who she is will come back to bite her in the ass. The boyfriend also hoped the show wasn’t going to be about her wearing a skin tight outfit that has everything built into it that she’ll need to solve crimes. I checked out some of the websites and I know that’s not what is going to happen. He is a genius, literally, and he will roll his eyes and stop watching if they get the tech wrong. And please, writers of the show, DON’T have sexual tension between Kiera and Carlos. She’s married. She should still have hope she can get home. She shouldn’t stop fighting for that. Give Carlos a girlfriend or a boyfriend so he’s off limits.

I’m looking forward to the fish out of water scenarios Kiera will undoubtedly find herself in. We got a hint in the first episode when one of the terrorists said he’d never been in a car before. I’d also like more background on the terrorists. There was the building that was blown up and we’re told how many people died. But I still wasn’t feeling much. Don’t tell us these things. SHOW us why these terrorists are so bad. And again with the police station – we see the aftermath and we’re told how many people were killed but we didn’t SEE the terrorists in their full on terrorist mode. We only got a glimpse of it when they killed the policeman when they first got to 2012.

Unlike other shows with good concepts but limited potential (FlashForward, Missing – the new one) or bland concepts with lots of potential (NYC 22) this one has a good concept and potential. Of course those don’t always last either (Alcatraz, Terra Nova). It will be interesting to see how everything turns out. I hope it makes it through a whole first season. And if it comes back for a second season I want to write for it!

So what’s your verdict? Will you continue watching?

Until next time…