Bad movie but perfect weekend

The weekend started out with a bad, really predictable, movie Friday night. But Saturday was slightly unpredictable because we had a deck full of people for a long overdue barbecue with a few surprises. And the weekend ended with a predictable episode of Continuum.

I don’t know why I torture myself with the obvious made for cable disaster movies. I guess I keep hoping one of them might actually be good. No such luck with Earth’s Final Hours. Implausible story line. Over acting. Horrible dialogue. And can we say predictable?

To sum up – a government agent just happens to be at a field at the exact moment dense matter from white holes (yes the opposite of black holes) punch through the earth and of course that causes the earth to slowly stop rotating. Said agent must go rogue to save the earth because of course his superiors are bad seeds and try to stop him at every turn.

I don’t know whether watching super awful movies like that should make me feel angry because no one is buying my script. Or good because if these horrible movies can be made my much better scripts have a shot. 🙂

Saturday was much better. We had planned the barbecue weeks before and as usual I left things to the last minute. My middle name really is Procrastination. I thought I was doing well though when I made cakes and put them on the counter to cool while we went grocery shopping. We weren’t going to be gone long but I figured they’d be cool enough for me to frost when we returned. Arrived home to find one cake missing its golden crust top layer. Despite all attempts to look innocent we’re pretty sure it was Dervish. There’s a reason we call her Naughty Cat. So instead of a layer cake we had the bottom layer. I cut the other cake in half and layered that. I don’t mind cat germs. Frosted both cakes and forgot about them. People arrived. Drinking and lots of great conversation happened. Then I heard the boyfriend in the kitchen scolding the cat. Race in to find the layer of frosting on the layer cake licked off. She was in my bad books the rest of the evening but she’s so cut you can’t stay angry at her for long.

The barbecue was a blast. We really should have company more often. We had the usual fare – burgers, salad, pasta salad and beer. I made Pico de Gallo. It was soooo good. Much better than the store bought salsa. Like every other time we entertain, we had way too much food. But better too much than not enough. I even brought pasta salad for lunch today.

We finished the weekend with another episode of Continuum. I’d like to say it was great like everyone else is saying. But I found it predictable. I found the police at the end unobservant and trigger happy. I begged when the show started that Kiera would not hook up with anyone so I hope the hints I saw were just her using her whiles to get information. I will tune in next week to see if I’m still angry with what happened. I’m on the fence about watching it net year if it returns.
Now it’s off to a busy day at work.

I already know this week will be predicatably slow because next Monday’s a holdiay!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Bad movie but perfect weekend

  1. Alexa Bourne

    I hear you about the dilemma of a really bad movie! I often deal with that when I read bad books. Sounds like at least part of your weekend was good, though!

    1. Cindy

      Hi Alexa!

      Thanks for stopping by. For books I give it 3 chapters and if it’s bad I don’t finish. I should have stopped watching on the weekend. The Saturday part of the weekend was awesome.

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