J.J. Abrams’ Revolution Lacks Spark

We watched the new J.J. Abrams show, Revolution last Monday. I had been looking forward to the show because, well, it’s J.J. Abrams. Then I learned Eric Kripke wrote the pilot episode. I love him. Hello, Supernatural. I waited to write this post so people had a chance to watch it because this post will contain spoilers. I can’t talk about how bad the show was without spoilers. We didn’t watch tonight’s episode nor did we record it. When the entire episode can be shot down by applying a little common sense to the characters it’s not a strong episode.



Where do I start? It had a good premise. If you recall I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I also had an idea where there is no more electricity. I was going to shelve it because I figured Abrams could do a better job. I was wrong.

The show was full of plot holes. Gaping – a world could fall into them – plot holes. I don’t like it when things happen in a show, movie, book that only happen so the rest of the story can happen. When common sense, and the laws of the story are violated so the story can take place, I just can’t stomach watching it anymore. They happen early on in the story and keep on going. People live in tiny villages now – with a gate – yet they didn’t have a lookout. After they went on about how it wasn’t safe out there, they didn’t have a lookout on the gate.

Then let’s talk about the father knowing the lights were going out yet he waited until the last seconds to download the information he needed for the flash drive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get there has to be suspense. So let’s throw in some back story right at the beginning instead of giving us flashes of it when we need it.

It was just so predictable from the start. The militia arrive and tell the dad to come peacefully and of course tell the rest not to cause trouble or bad things will happen. So, surprise! The son pulls a bow and arrow on them and starts shooting. The militia were bringing the dad in on orders from Monroe. Dad gets killed of course so they want the brother. They have orders to bring in the brother alive, but hello, not the dad? The dad was the one Monroe wanted in the first place.

Let’s talk about the motto after the blackout. Trust no one. It’s not safe. So Charlie and company go off in search of her brother and meet a cute guy along the way – and trust him. Because he saves her. I could see a mile away that was a setup. Then they arrive in Chicago, walk into a bar, first person they talk to they trust. Sure it turned out to be Charlie’s uncle, the guy they were actually looking for but they didn’t know that when they revealed who they were.

How about the asthma inhaler that still works perfectly after 15 years. Really? The medicine didn’t lose any of its potency? I find that very hard to believe.

I could go on but it’s just too easy to find fault with the show. It could be a new drinking game. Spot a plot hole, take a drink. You’d be drunk before the first commercial break.

The inconsistencies are the only thing that made that episode possible. If they’d had a lookout and closed the gate when they saw the militia coming and then armed themselves to defend it – end of episode. The militia wouldn’t get in. The father wouldn’t have died. The son wouldn’t have been taken in the father’s place. The daughter (Charlie) wouldn’t have gone in search of uncle. I didn’t find any of the characters interesting enough to care about what happens to them. Especially Charlie’s brother. And it was no surprise to me who Monroe turned out to be.

Of course since I’m not going to watch the show it will probably last for 10 seasons. If there is TV logic in this world it won’t make it to season 2.

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5 thoughts on “J.J. Abrams’ Revolution Lacks Spark

  1. Adrienne Trent

    Cindy – you are IN MY HEAD!! The asthma inhaler was the scene that made me scream. Then I wondered – the woman’s computer was working – maybe she had the meds in a refrigerator? I know, I’m reaching 🙂

    SPOILER ALERT – if you haven’t seen epi 2 Don’t read!

    I had another scream moment last night (yes I watched it Epi 2) with the scene and the wagon full of food. The entire build up fell flat to me. I KNEW the Mom was going to shoot the man stealing the food instead of the Dad. My writer brain said “Mom should have shot him when he first threatened the daughter.” It would have made the corresponding scene where Charlie had to shoot the other man much more compelling.

    But alas, I’m a sucker for bad TV shows so I’m going to keep watching for a bit longer. I like the Plot Hole Take A Drink game LOL. I would have been drunk by 10:30 last night.

  2. Beth Caudill


    Have to agree to the gaping plot holes and the lets do this so we can move on. Oh and very, very predictable. I watched the second episode and nothing improved. Still predictable.

    The only character I like is the Uncle. I like a guy who can wield a sword and kills people. (More spoilers from episode 2) No surprise bad guy who the main girl (Cant even remember character names) asked to be saved came back and bad things happened. And no surprise at the final moment, the mother is still alive and kept captive by Monroe.

    Really, I loved the whole premise of the power going out but just can’t believe any of the rest. Or that everything to turn the power on is inside a flash drive necklace. Blah.

    I’m trying to give it another episode or two to improve and meld the characters, but it’s hard.

  3. Cynthia D'Alba

    You had many of the same thoughts I did. In epi #1, woman goes through a million locks to climb up stairs to access a computer that she can magically activate with her necklace. She types a message and get an immediate reply. Are you kidding? Someone somewhere is sitting there with power and answers her immediately?

    And the “no power” nonsense…please. Stupid.

    and the bow and arrows? All I could think about was The Hunger Games. 🙂

    I’ve got Epi #2 on DVR but I really hate shows like this. All the conspiracy, a “bad guy” who wears black, etc.

    I’m not loving it but maybe it’ll grow on me. Hubby will watch it so it’ll be on in the background!

  4. Elysa Hendricks

    Aww, bummer! I was so looking forward to this show. 🙁 Hubby and I will probably watch it, just so we can laugh at all the stupid stuff.

    If an author tried to get away with these kind of plot holes they’d get nailed by agents and editors. And if by some slim chance the book made it to publication the readers would soon shoot it down. Guess people who read really are smarter than those who watch TV. 🙂

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