Where The NABSU Series Came From!

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I’m often asked how I came up with the idea for my Native American Behavioral Science Unit (NABSU) series.  People are surprised when I tell them that it wasn’t some deep psychological thing.  While most writers like to include real places, locations or organizations to give their books a realistic foundation, many times writers can push the limits  a bit further by creating people, places or things they wish were really there but aren’t.  That’s how NABSU – the Native American Behavioral Science Unit – came into being.  My late husband and I were discussing the lack of such a group when we came up with the idea.  Having written Native based romance for over twenty years  – and being married to a Cheyenne/Lakota for almost seven – I knew for a fact that this is an association that should exist, but didn’t.


For those who aren’t familiar with the NABSU series, book one, Blood Roles, follows the NABSU unit as they track a vicious serial killer.  The purpose of the NABSU is to tackle Native American based crimes, usually on reservations (but not always).  There are many unsolved crimes regarding Natives in this country that provide information for storytelling whereby I could put my fictional agents to work.  These are crimes that have slipped through the cracks or interaction with the FBI has been avoided due to previous well-documented history of bad-blood between certain tribes and the Federal organization.  There are plenty of these types of crimes in reality without having to create any for fiction.  A real NABSU could actually aid in cutting down Native American crimes perpetrated by Native Americans hence the reason my late husband and I cultivated the idea. 


The heroine of Blood Roles, Andie, is white, she was raised on a reservation, was adopted as a toddler by her Native step-father and lived a life immersed within the Lakota/Dakota people.  She’s the perfect liaison between the two worlds.  She works surrounded by a fully formed and functional – yet totally goofy and lovable – ensemble of hand-picked agents.  Throughout the series the readers will get to learn more about each agent as well as follow the progression of Andie’s relationship with her former fiancée, Taylor.


Bad Medicine, the second book in the series, is due out next year, and in it we’ll take a closer look at Andie’s “buddy”, Marty, while Book Three, as of yet unnamed, is going to open up the relationship between Andie and Sid Crow Dog, her partner in running NABSU.  These are people who, like many law enforcement groups, are more family than friends and, ultimately, given the diversity of Tribal affiliations amongst them, what you have is a very well educated group of individuals who are not only adept at solving crimes, they’re adept at bringing the aspects of the Native circles in which the crimes occurred.  It makes for some interesting and thought provoking reading.


If you like mystery/suspense entwined with a love story like none other – and awesome sex, can’t forget to mention that part – Blood Roles is a book that you won’t be able to put down. The NABSU brings “Into The West” face to face with CSI in a way that’s unique, sometimes scary, sometimes amusing, yet always as real as possible. It’s a ride readers won’t soon forget.


About Mia:  Mia Fisher is a romance novelist who moved to Florida in June 2012 after twenty years of being landlocked in the Midwest.  Born and raised in New England, she is a graduate of Colorado Technical University with a degree in Human Services and is currently working on her Masters in Social Work while teaching preschool.  She is the 2013 President of Kiss of Death, the mystery-suspense chapter of Romance Writers of America. Her next book, Illusions, will be released by Diadem Press the day after Thanksgiving.  Her paranormal romance, EtherealEcstasy will be out next year with Black Velvet Seductions and the next book in her mystery-suspense series, Bad Medicine is also scheduled to appear in 2013 as well.  Ms. Fisher is a widow with four children; she lives outside of Tampa with her teenage daughter and a cat with evil intentions.  For more information regarding Ms. Fisher’s books, visit her website at www.miafisher.net.  For more information regarding RWA or KOD, visit their websites at http://www.rwa.org/ and http://www.rwamysterysuspense.org/


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  1. Kathryn Jane

    Great interview! I love the idea of your NABSU series and will have to check out your books.

    I have a story that is Apache based that will be coming out next year. I really enjoyed the research I did for it and feel so much more informed now.

    Good luck with your series!

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