So many villains to kill, so little time

Today I’ve got J Lee Taylor on the blog talking about villains!


Here’s J Lee!


I believe the mystery writer has an unspoken agreement with the reader: to play fair at all times. In other words, I promise that the reader will discover the clues at the same time as my detective. No “oops, I forgot to mention…” Nor will I bring in a killer who is mentioned on page five and never mentioned again until the big reveal. I also promise that in a world where injustice is so prevalent, I will bring the murderer to justice in a satisfying manner.


The only exception to this last “rule”, is when the murderer is a serial killer who will return in a future book where he will get what’s coming to him.


Since I write in first person and in Cindy Nesbit’s point of view, when she finds a clue, so does the reader. In my soon-to-be released fourth book in the series, KILL CINDERELLA, Cindy promises her sister to find their long lost father. When she discovers a forty-year-old secret and deadly cover-up, bodies fall and her loved ones are threatened. Cindy will find  who is behind the murders and he will go to jail for a long time. Does she find her father? Come now, if I told you that, you wouldn’t need to download KILL CINDERELLA, would you?


Please visit my website to see the other titles. No cover at this time, but coming soon.


Cindy here again! Thanks for being here J Lee! The series sounds great. And of course I love the name of the heroine. 🙂


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