Reflections sneak peek – cemeteries are harmless

This is my first time participating in Sneak Peek Sunday. I’ve posted snippets before from my horror/thriller short story, Reflections. This is also a snippet from the story. Lena, the main character has convinced her boyfriend to stop at a cemetery so she can find some names for characters. Lena is a writer. 🙂

       At the partially open cast iron gate Lena stopped. She pushed and nothing happened. She dropped her purse and notepad on the ground then threw all her weight against the gate. Iron shrieked against iron as the gate moved. Once open enough for her to get through she scooped up her belongings and walked to what she assumed was the middle of the cemetery.

         From the road the cemetery hadn’t looked that big but, standing on a small hill, the grounds stretched out in each direction, the gravestones swallowed by the encroaching night. The setting sun cast four shadows at the entrance, her friends lingered, hesitant to follow her. Like anything in a graveyard could hurt you.

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