Top 10 horror movie villains – part 1

Welcome back to the blog! Today I have Jeffrey Charles talking about one of my favourite topics. Horror movie villains. Below is the beginning of his top ten list.

Here’s Jeffrey!

A dark and spooky night with a full moon. A summer’s eve suddenly becoming as cold as a winter day. The shrill cry of pure terror from some poor, unsuspecting victim. These are the true loves of any horror movie villain. Over the years there has been a plethora of villains in every genre of film.

I thought of making a list about my favourite villains but soon realized if I didn’t narrow down my selections the list would need to be at least 100, not a simple ten. So what I have done instead is narrow it down to my top ten horror movie villains. So sit back, flick off your lights and enjoy!

10)  Pinhead – Hellraiser series. So to start my list I have chosen Pinhead from the Clive Barker created Hellraiser series. Pinhead, leader of the Cenobites, is as creepy as they come. After a decade of horror movies that seemed to always have a wise-cracking killer/monster Pinhead showed up to finally restore some true fear into the genre.

An iconic figure in the world of horror, most recognize Pinhead’s actual head most. Pale as the moon with completely black eyes and covered with pins he truly is a horrifying sight nobody would want to see in their dreams.

What Pinhead may have lacked in personality; despite his articulate way of speaking, he made up for in creativity. More specific, his creative forms of torture and maiming his victims. Throughout the series Pinhead just never seemed to be truly destroyed, making him that much more frightening.

9)   The Thing – John Carpenter’s The Thing. While one might think this to be outside the horror genre and more sci-fi, the film takes place on Earth and shows not just a horrific creature from another world but also the effects of cabin fever on a group of terrified men. I consider this one to be more horror than anything else.

The Thing is a strange alien creature found near an Antarctic research station. More of a giant parasitic life form, the Thing is able to completely transform into a replica of whatever living thing it has consumed. Animal or human it will imitate other life in order to kill and eat.

Now place it in a small research facility during a dangerous blizzard with several tired, armed scientists and watch the paranoia unfold. The idea of a malicious being with a never-ending appetite that can shape itself into any form is truly scary.

8)   Dracula – Dracula/Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This entry would be filled up alone on all the different forms of Dracula that have been portrayed over the years but all seem to keep the basic roots of the fiendishly clever vampire.

Originally vampires were always seen as ugly, disgustingly rotted corpses bent on draining blood from humans. Then along came Dracula. He wasn’t ugly at all, surprisingly handsome in fact. He also wasn’t stupid either, on the contrary he was extremely intelligent and cunning.

On top of being the greatest and most powerful vampire ever known, Dracula also had many tricks to help him. No, his chest did not get sparkly to attract his victims. Instead Dracula used his eyes to deeply mesmerize a victim. If he needed to get closer he could also turn into a bat or wolf. An absolutely horrifying being, Dracula could never be left off a list like this.

7)   Leatherface – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In a time when horror movies mostly focused on ghosts, demons and monsters Leatherface burst onto the scene and completely changed the landscape. Inspired by real-life serial killer Ed Gein, Leatherface usually wore the peeled off skin from his victims, especially their faces.

If his ignorance to hygiene wasn’t frightening enough, he was also a beast of a man. Standing somewhere around 6’5”-6’8” tall and weighing in the neighbourhood of 250+ pounds Leatherface towered over every victim.

Using his brute strength and experience from being a cow butcher, Leatherface easily dismembered all who crossed his path. On top of being able to pull anyone apart by hand Leatherface also used his favourite weapon; the chainsaw, to terrorize his helpless victims.

Well that is all I will leave you with for now, but I will return with entries 6, 5 and 4 in the next installment. Until then, pleasant dreams!

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Cindy here again!

Great list so far, Jeffrey.  Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 horror movie villains – part 1

  1. Karen Blake-Hall

    Thanks for sharing your list. I have look forward to finding out who is your number one villain.

  2. Ray Livingston

    I have never seen a pinhead movie. The character always facinated me seeing trailers and images of him, but somehow it has just slipped through my fingers. And I watch a lot of movies!!! I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks guys. Can’t wait to see what’s on the rest of the list.

  3. Ray Livingston

    Oh, and I loved the Thing. I thought the remake was okay, but I enjoyed it a lot more when I realized it was a prequal and not a remake. Suprisingly, I thought the original had must better effects!

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