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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Cindy has read 0 books toward her goal of 24 books.

Real or replaced? – Six sentences from Reflections

It’s Six Sentence Sunday again. I haven’t done it in a while because I’ve been letting my pen name play for the past few months. I’ve decided to take back a story I was going to let her have. So I’ll be posting six sentences from my short story Reflections. A horror about a cursed inn and a group of friends who get sucked in.

There are two couples – Lena and Travis, Margo and Ron.
Their friend Ian has been dumped so they’re on a road trip to help him get over the break up.

In the sentences today Ian visits Ron and Margo’s room.

        Ron opened the door, beer in hand.  “Dude, what?”      

        “The girls back?”

        “Nah, Lena’s taking them on a mission to find a curse.”

        Ron stepped aside to let him in.   He seemed like his usual self but maybe his replacement was almost exactly like the original Ron. 

I’d love to know what you think. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the participants.

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