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Magical Musings – Talking loglines

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Romance University – Talking about novels vs scripts

Romance University – Talking loglines

Loglines – Register

Loglines – Just the Facts, Ma’am – Register

Topics covered:

1. Introduction
2. I already have an idea – turning your idea into a logline.
3. Generating ideas – how to generate ideas for loglines.
4. High concept – just having a high concept doesn’t mean you have a logline.
5. Bonus Lesson – The Art of the Three Line Pitch
6. Staying focused – using loglines to stay on track

Feedback provided for student loglines

Cost for three week class – $18.00

Note: Due to the volume and detail of feedback, this workshop through is limited to 35 students.

Click on the PayPal button below to register for this class. If you are using a different email for the class than your PayPal account please email me at workshops (at) cindycarroll (dot) com to let me know what email address you will be using.

Invitations to the Yahoo loop will be sent out a few days before class starts. If you have not received an invitiation to join the class by the day the class starts please email me with your PayPal receipt so I can add you.

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