Post conference high

I’m back from San Francisco. What a crazy, busy, productive week. Conference was amazing as usual. I attended some great workshops. Blake Snyder was amazing. If you haven’t seen him speak you really need to. He had some very interesting things to say.

The booksignings were crowded but very fruitful. Of course I brought back way too many books. And I was actually selective this year, only picking up books I thought I would actually read. I guess only time will tell if I get through them all. I started reading Jordan Dane’s book, No One Heard Her Scream on the plane so I’m off to a good start. I have a conference resolution. By next conference I hope to have at least half of the 64 books I brought back read.

I love conference. It’s a chance to meet people I’ve known online for ages. A chance to see friends I haven’t seen for a year. Catch up with chapter members I haven’t seen in a while because I hardly ever make it out to meetings.

I need to go and catch up on e-mail and homework now. I’ll be posting more later this week.

Until next time…