Happy New Year!

Okay, so it’s a day late but I like to be different.

Another year is behind us. I can’t believe how fast 2008 flew by. So how did I do on my goals from last year? Let’s see – write more – not really. Not as much as I wanted to. Read more – yes, I did do that. But again, not as much as I wanted to. Eat less – I guess I did that because I lost 27 pounds. Spend more time with family – yes, did that too. So not too bad I guess.

Goals for this year:

Writing related:

Read 2 books a month
Write one book and one screenplay
Agent hunt – but that is dependent on number 2
Critique more – including screenplays
Enter screenplay contests – at least 2
Take at least 2 workshops to help improve my writing
Give screenwriting workshops


Save more
Continue the weight loss
Start exercising
Work out a work-writing-life balance
Spend time with family and friends

That’s it for now. Have a great year everyone.

Until next time…


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