Five down – twenty-seven to go

So, the reading resolution isn’t going that well. Settling into the new house after National, plus dealing with work, two on-line courses and revisions of my futuristic don’t leave much time for reading. But I did finish the book I started on the plane way back in July on the way home from National. Jordan Dane’s No One Heard Her Scream.

Next book up was Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen. With the exception of the Jordan Dane book, I’m reading the books from National in alphabetical order by title. That way I get a good variety of genres. Plus there’s no trying to decide what book to read next. The only exceptions I might make are books that are not the first in a series if I haven’t read the first book. After Michelle’s book I was supposed to read an Alyssa Day book. But it’s the second in a series. So I skipped that one for now until I can get the first book. Instead, I read Michelle’s book Bitten & Smitten. Now, I can’t say I’ve been converted to the first person train but I really did like the book. So much so that I forgot it was in first person most of the time. It looks like I might not detest first person as much as I thought if the author is talented enough. WTG Michelle. After that was Blackout by Annie Solomon. Really good book. But I love spy novels and that’s what it was essentially. A female Jason Bourne. After reading Count to Ten by Karen Rose I started another of her books. Die for Me.

But now the National books will have to be put on hold. My Daphne books arrived today so I will dive into those. I hope they’re as good as the ones I judged last year.

I know I have no shot at getting 32 books read by July so I’ll have to amend it to 32 books by December. Now that reading two books a month is part of my New Year’s resolution I hope I can stick with it. So far, not so much. And now, I’m off to read before I go to work.

Until next time…