H is for…Homicide

Homicide. The act of a human killing another human. So murder is a type of homicide. But not all homicide is punishable.

There is justifiable homicide. A homicide committed without evil or criminal intent, for which there is no blame. This could be self-defense to protect oneself or someone else.

There is also criminal homicide which takes several forms and includes certain unintentional killings. When it comes to homicide the state of mind of the defendant is taken into account. Murder is usually intentional. Certain types of murders automatically qualify for capital punishment in the U.S. Canada doesn’t have the death penalty anymore. And homicide that occurs during the commission of other felonies may constitute murder no matter what the perpetrator’s intent to kill or not to kill was at the time.

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6 thoughts on “H is for…Homicide

  1. Ruby Young

    Hi, yes that definition squares with what is in the Bible. Any killing that is done deliberately has to be considered murder. The government is given the right to put to death anyone who commits murder. That right is given to government by God. Thank you for the very clear explanation. Best regards to you. Ruby

  2. Mhikai

    Thanks for clearing out things about homicide.. I am sure only few people know about this and they should be aware about this kind of matter..

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