Who did you want to be? – With Molly Kate Gray

Today I have Molly Kate Gray visiting the blog talking about everyone’s favourite amateur sleuth.  I grew up reading her. I collected all the books until I was about 15.


Here’s Molly!


I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I grew up.  Really.  I didn’t just want to read about her – I wanted to be her.  Who wouldn’t?


She had a doting dad, a housekeeper, two friends who were more faithful to her than Golden Retrievers…and a boyfriend who was always there just when she needed him most.  On top of that, she had the time, resources, and a cunning eye for detail that Sherlock Holmes would find up to his standards.


Whenever someone was in trouble, Nancy was there.  No matter how tricky the villain or how desperate the situation, she always knew exactly what to do.


In fifth grade, we had to do a book report on a fictional character we admired.  Who else would I pick? No one would do other than my teenage sleuth heroine…but the “costume” part of the assignment proved to be problematic.  I couldn’t show up in jeans and a cardigan sweater, so I had to fudge on Nancy’s preferred outfit just a bit.  I donned my grandfather’s fedora and trench coat and hoped for the best.


No one recognized me as Nancy Drew.  All my friends knew that one of the best parts about the teenage detective was just how normal she was.  She was always able to step in and save the day without superpowers or a smart phone.  She was a regular person with an eye for detail…and a great car.


That’s what I try to bring to my heroines.  No one with superpowers need apply.  None of my characters are psychic or mediums.  They’re just brave, good at what they do, and have a guy at their side who’s hot enough to melt chocolate.


Didn’t you want to be Nancy Drew too?


Molly’s bio:


A fan of things that go bump in the night, Molly Kate Gray writes romantic suspense with a Southern drawl. Now raising her two children in the same town she grew up in, she knows just how difficult it can be to escape a small town’s gravity.  When the Texas heat gets to be too much, it’s time to cool off with sweet iced tea and a good book.


Blurb from Small Town Secrets:


Miller’s Grove’s most eligible bachelor, Josh Owens, could have a different date every night of the week, so he doesn’t understand why he’s drawn to Tara since she’s obviously not interested in him. Tara Sullivan is angry that he’s stolen the coveted prime-time anchor position she’d been promised.

A stranger begins preying on the single young women in Miller’s Grove, and the story’s assigned to Tara. As the number of victims grows, Tara reluctantly accepts help from Josh. As he researches his top suspect in the assaults, he unearths events in the past that more than one resident of Miller’s Grove wants to keep hidden.

Together they discover a web of conspiracy and lies involving the most powerful family in town. Josh and Tara put their reputations at risk in the hope of exposing the truth and, perhaps, finally bringing Tara peace.


Me again!


Thanks for blogging with me, Molly. The book sounds really good. It’s going on my TBR pile. Be sure to visit Molly’s website http://www.mollykategray.com to find out more about her. And follow her on Twitter @mollykgray. You can buy her book on Amazon: Small Town Secrets on Amazon


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