The Cool Thing About Being A Writer Now

Today I’d like to welcome Leslie Langtry to the blog. Love the humour of the titles of her books.

Take it away Leslie!

I write mystery…and I write humor…and I write romance…all in one actually. That might not make sense to you. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people.

“You don’t write romance,” my romance writer friends have said to me.

“You don’t write mystery,” my mystery writer friends have said to me.

No, no one has ever said I don’t write humor, thank God, or I’d lose it.

I think all of these people are right. My former publisher kind of nailed it – they told me I wrote ‘hybrid.’ They liked my book and bought it, but were at a loss to decide which shelf in the bookstore to put it on. They finally decided on romance. I wouldn’t have put it there. But I don’t know which shelf it would go on either. Back in the day when there was only traditional publishing – this was a problem. You had to be correctly labelled, have just the right number of pages to justify the price point, and they had to know where to put you. I was lucky that I had a publisher who took a chance on my ‘hybrid’ writing. Most publishers didn’t and still don’t.

I’m not sure if I could write any one way. If I could choose only one, I’d definitely pick mystery – but only if I could plot like Agatha Christie. But I’d miss humor. And action-adventure, and romance.

The best thing about indie publishing (I got my rights back to the Bombay novels when my publisher didn’t want to take a chance on me anymore) is that there are no bookshelves in cyber-space. There are no cordoned off sections and you don’t have to pick just one. Books exist forever – no chance of going out of print. But most importantly, I can be myself…write the books I like.

My books did okay under the publisher – but they’ve TAKEN OFF as indie books. Why? Because New York and the Big 6 can no longer tell people what to read. They no longer control the marketing and book reviewers. My weird books can find people who like weird books. And I find that very refreshing.

Although I’d still give anything to be able to plot like Agatha Christie…

Me again!

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3 thoughts on “The Cool Thing About Being A Writer Now

  1. Susan Carroll

    I, for one really love your hybrid style, Leslie. You have a truly unique voice and I am glad you are free to tell your stories as you wish. I am looking forward to many more stories about the Bombays and other of your “weird tales.

  2. Mackenzie Crowne

    If more mysteries included humor and romance, I’d read more mysteries. 😉 Your title makes me grin and just made my TBR pile.

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