A is for Arson

It’s the A to Z Blog Challenge again! How far will I get this time? Who knows. I’m trying to do this for two other blogs as well as teach an online class this month. Plus get my own writing done.

Today’s post is about arson. Deliberately setting fire to property for malicious or fraudulent purposes. The range of motives for arson are just as broad as they are for murder. They range from greed of the insurance swindler to the psychopathic frenzy of the pyromaniac.

Some motives for arson are:




1. Insurance fraud – burning a property to collect on the insurance money
2. Destroy business records – could be before an audit that would have revealed discrepancies
3. To eliminate the competition
4. Revenge – maybe by a disgruntled employee, customer
5. To conceal another crime – like burglary or murder
6. Vandalism for the rush of it
7. A psychotic need – the sometimes sexual gratification of a pyromaniac

Of course I could go on for pages about arson. But that would take up too much time. For more information about arson you can check out the following links:

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Until next time…