When does procrastination pay?

IMG_5292We don’t have all the time in the world. Some things can’t wait. Usually, procrastination costs you money and opportunities. One of my (many) flaws is that I’m an expert procrastinator. Because of my tendency to put things off I’m a year late releasing my first self published book. If I don’t procrastinate this week the book should be up by June 30. I never did write the horror script for the Hollywood manager who loved my writing (he read my Supernatural teleplay) and told me to send him a movie script when it was done. I wasn’t working on one at the time and now it’s too late.

I could go on about the missed opportunities but you get the idea. When it comes to money procrastination costs you there too. Usually in late fees if you’re talking about bills. Or renewals. I’m sending in the renewal for my passport tonight – a week before the rates are set to go up. Will they charge me the old renewal fee or the new much more expensive fee? I’ll find out when I get my VISA bill.

But there are times when procrastination is a good thing.

When you really want to buy something but wait and then it goes on sale. I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve won a mini lottery when that happens.

I procrastinated with picking a couple for my pen name’s cover because there is so much of a selection over at Hot Damn Stock and I had to get edits done on that June 30th book (novella actually). It turned out great for me though because Kim Killion did a photo shoot with one of my favourite male cover models a week later. And now he is going to be on my pen name’s cover.

The fiancé and I hired a wedding planner. Well, we were looking into hiring her. She offered us a one month free trial where she actually did a lot of work for us. When the trial was over she sent a contract (in April) that we finally got around to signing and sending back on Friday. We said we would PayPal her the fee later that day. She emailed back to say the company was no longer in business. So we saved hundreds of dollars. If we’d signed the contract in April and sent payment there’s no way we would have gotten it back.

So maybe procrastination isn’t always a bad thing. When it comes to the writing career though I need to eliminate procrastination for good.

What about you? Any missed opportunities because you procrastinated? Lose any money because of your procrastination? Or did procrastination work in your favour?

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6 thoughts on “When does procrastination pay?

  1. Karen Blake-Hall

    Great insight Cindy. I procrastinate a lot and sometimes it really does pay off. Now I’m going to finish my coffee and then work or at least think about working.

    1. Cindy

      I think my procrastinating has cost me more than it helped me. But I still do it. It’s such a hard habit to break.

  2. Doris

    I prefer to say I am waiting for the right time. Still you make some very valid points.

  3. Barbara Bettis

    Neat blog, Cindy. I’m sure I’ve missed some major opportunities with my procrastination, but I chalk up my ‘putting it off’ to–thinking. Or as Doris, waiting for the right time. Some of yours has paid off, though, although I hate you didn’t get that movie script in 😉

    1. Cindy

      Yes, some have paid off. I still hate it too that I didn’t get that script in. I won’t let that opportunity pass me by again.

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