If you could go back in time…

What would you tell your younger self?

Regrets anyone? Almost everyone has at least one regret. Until I met my fiancé I regretted a misunderstanding with a boy I met when I was seventeen. Because of that misunderstanding (maybe not just because of it) we never ended up dating. If we had we probably would have been married. So I wouldn’t have met my fiancé.

No, I’m happy about all the ones “that got away”. Some I’m more happy about than others. What I regret happened when I was fourteen. My cousin, a few friends and I were extras in Youngblood starring Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe. It was a great summer. We learned after the first location shoot that they (the stars) were hardly ever inside. We spent most of our eight hours inside a hockey arena clapping or pretending to clap, freezing our butts off, while the stars sunned themselves outside.

So when the shoot moved to a new location we found out where but we did not sign up as extras. We went every day and hung out on the baseball field beside the arena. Because of that I got to play Trivial Pursuit with Melissa Gilbert (she was dating Rob Lowe at the time). I told Patrick Swayze to quit smoking and Rob Low mistook me for Cynthia Gibb. But also because of that we found out where Rob and Partrick were staying, including their room numbers.

This is where the regret comes in. I regret we didn’t go check it out sooner. By the time we worked up the nerve (my cousin and I) to go to the Sutton Place Hotel they had already checked out. On the ride down in the elevator the car stopped on a floor and someone got in. It was Michael Damien (of Young and the Restless). He was shooting a video in Toronto, playing the love interest to singer Cynthia. He noticed us recognizing him and he invited us to go watch the video shoot.

And we said no! We said we had to be home for dinner.

If I could go back in time I would tell my fourteen year old self to go to the video shoot. Get grounded for life!  Live a little. Times like that are once in a lifetime experiences. Instead, we went back home.

What advice would you give your younger self?

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5 thoughts on “If you could go back in time…

  1. Cher'ley

    If I could go back in time, I’d tell your 14 year old self, she did the right thing. 🙄 Not sure what, if anything I regretted or not regretted. At least nothing that impacted my life today. I guess the main thing would be to become a Christian sooner. Cher’ley

    1. Cindy

      I was always the good one. It would have been nice to have those memories of the video shoot, whatever they would have been. 🙂

  2. Terri McMillan

    I wish your younger self would do that too… then I (your cousin) would have lived a bit more too. One thing I find interesting about that story…it is probably the only time we were on time when we were together. We always seem to be late when we are together and never for a really good reason.

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