Toronto flood causes chaos

The Toronto flood caused chaos on Monday all across the GTA. The city is somewhat back to normal after flooding crippled much of the GTA yesterday. The storm happened just in time for the evening commute and caused unexpected flooding. As far as I know there wasn’t a warning given.

Flood Etobicoke 2013

Rain still coming down in Etobicoke*

I was still at work in Mississauga at 17:15. The rain was coming down heavily so I waited under the awning by the back doors for it to let up. That turned into a ten minute wait until finally for about thirty seconds the rain slowed enough so that I didn’t get soaked running to my car. As soon as I shut my door the skies opened up again. I stopped twice on the drive home, pulling into parking lots to wait it out. Hoping it would slow so I could at least see out the windshield.

Etobicoke flood after July 2013 storm

Etobicoke after July storm*


It slowed slightly so I left the parking lot and headed for the highway. City streets were flooded. Parking lots were flooded. I didn’t know it yet but some of the 400 series highways were flooded. I worried what the 401 would be like. But I didn’t have to worry. After five minutes on the highway going west I was out of the storm. the sky was actually blue ahead of me. I looked in the rear view mirror to see black skies and rain.

Today most areas of the city were back to normal. When I left for work 35,000 homes were without power. Then it was 20,000 homes. Then it went up again with rolling blackouts throughout the city. I’m not sure when the power will be back to normal for them. For those of us west of the city we hardly received any rain.

We’ve had a lot of precipitation this summer. Makes me think my friend had the right idea moving to a desert.

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*Photos courtesy of Graeme McIntosh of Risk Solutions (part of the Toti Group)