Windswept Shores with a wild boar problem

Welcome to my blog! My sister, brother in-law and niece just got back from the Bahamas. They go often. My niece is five and a half and she’s been there six times. I’ve been there zero times. Janice Seagraves includes an excerpt that shows a different side of the Bahamas.

Here’s Janice!

Windswept Shores's BookCoverPreviewBlurb: The sole survivor of a plane crash, Megan is alone on a deserted island in the Bahamas. Then she finds a nearly-drowned man. Another survivor, this time from a boat wreck.

With only meager survival skill between them, will they survive these windswept shores and can they find love?

Megan and Seth’s time on the island is far from idyllic. Food is one of their concerns, and another is the problems with the local wild boars that aren’t afraid of people.

Excerpt (BTW, Seth is Australian):

Hearing an odd noise, Megan and Seth exchanged a worried glance. It sounded again.

Megan pulled down the corners of her mouth, spitting out one word, “Pigs.”

Seth’s eyes widened. “Bill.” He thrust the eggs into her hands, heading to the ladder on the side of the boat.

“Where are you going?” Megan asked.

“They’re in Bill’s ashes. After his bones.”

“You can’t charge boars barehanded. They have long, sharp tusks.” She frowned, as she wondered what else she could say to keep him on the boat. “The last time I ran across a wild pig, I had to climb a tree.”

He slammed his fist on the boat’s railing. “I should have taken them out last night and buried them.” Opening a chest, Seth took out a spear-gun. “You know how to use one of these?”

“No, I’ve only seen them on TV.” She set the eggs on the swivel chair.

“It’s just like on the box. You point and pull the trigger.” Seth demonstrated, loading it with a long spear with a wicked looking barb.

“What are you going to do?” She took the spear-gun.

Seth pushed the sharp end away from him. “I’m gonna make a bullroarer.” He brought out some heavy duty fishing line, tying a pointed weight to the end of it. “If I get charged, shoot. But try not to hit me.”

“I’ll try,” she said softly.

“Try a little harder than that, love.” He grinned as he climbed down the ladder.

Megan scurried over to the side and aimed the spear-gun at the pigs.

Seth rounded the bow of the boat. He called out with a thick accent, “Oy, get away from there, you miserable drongo.”

The boar grunted at him, sounding like “Huh?” The sow snorted, her piglets hiding behind her.

“Well come on, take a gander at the big Aussie.” He spread his arms wide as the boar snuffled, trying to scent him. Seth unwound the cord from the weight, spinning it over his head. The weapon started to hum until it turned into a very odd loud buzzing noise.

Alarmed by the noise, the pigs snorted and squealed.

“What a gas bag you are, you and your dirty grubs.” He moved closer to the hogs.

The female and the babies acted nervous, as if they didn’t want anything to do with that odd whirling noise overhead. With a last loud squeal of dismay, they ran off.

The boar didn’t budge but pawed the ground.

“Seth, the boar is going to charge,” Megan warned. She kept a bead on it with the spear-gun.

“Steady now, Megz.” He edged closer to the boar. “Oy, you great big wanker, your missus left and so should you.”

The boar squealed and charged. Megan screamed. The spear-gun went off.


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Cindy here again!

Great excerpt, Janice! My family has never seen that side of the Bahamas. But they have tried boar. I think my niece actually liked it.

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Windswept Shores with a wild boar problem

  1. Janice Seagraves

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I had fun picking out that except. It one of the most exciting. Later Megan handles a boar by herself, and then together Megan and Seth face done pirates.


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  3. E. Ayers

    Oh,my! Did you know that a pig will change into a boar in three weeks? That’s what I’ve heard. Not certain it is accurate, but really three weeks? They go from sweet pigs to boars that quickly? Pigs don’t scare me. Piglets are adorable! But wild boars? No, thank you!

    Love the plot line! Who wouldn’t love being stranded on an island with a sexy guy? What a wonderful escape from the daily grind!

  4. Melissa Keir

    I don’t know if I could pull the gun, even on a boar. I’d probably just run up a tree. They are mean looking animals though.

    Wonderful excerpt. Lots of excitement.

  5. Janice Seagraves

    Hi Margaret, Thank you. 😛

    Hi E., Oh, yes, boars are very scary. I don’t know about the time line from pigs to boars, but they can change once they go wild or get the taste of meat like these boars did.

    Seth is one sexy guy. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

    Hi Melissa, Thank you. I have Megan show her true feeling for Seth by shooting the boar. She’s not sure about her feelings, but her heart knows. 😉

    Hi Edie, Thank you. 😛

    Hi Gemma, They must have been hiding from you. 😉

    Thank you everyone for stopping by. Hope you have a great day.


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