Top 10 horror movie villains – Part 2

Welcome back to the blog. Jeffrey Charles returns with part two of his top ten horror movie villains.

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Hello again and welcome to part two of my favourite horror movie villains. When I last left off I had ranked Pinhead, The Thing, Dracula and Leatherface from 10 to 7 to start the top 10. In this next section I will go through 6, 5, and 4. So dim the lights and enjoy!

6)   Chucky – Child’s Play/Bride of Chucky/Seed of Chucky. The 1980’s were an interesting time for horror movies. The slasher flick was shifting from brutal terror to campy predictability. Everything seemed to involve a monstrous villain that could crush a victim with ease.

But among all sorts of towering brutes stood a terrifying little doll named Chucky. Possessed by the spirit of a deranged criminal, Chucky was able to strike a chord of fear in many people’s minds. The thought of an already creepy looking 2-foot-tall doll coming to life and going on a murderous rampage is just freaky.

From his hideously evil laughter to the pitter patter of his little doll feet running around in the dark sends shivers down all of our spines. He would play to the innocence of any poor child that owned him and used that to get away with everything he wanted. While the later installments leaned more on the dark humour instead of the pure terror elements from the originals, Chucky is still a terrifying little dude.

5)   Michael Myers – Halloween. No I’m not talking about the comedic actor despite his claims of being dead sexy. I’m referring to the towering white-faced monster of a man from John Carpenter’s incredible horror franchise.

Myers murdered one of his sisters on the night of Halloween when he was 6-years-old before being locked in a mental asylum for 15 years. Eventually he finds a way to break loose and head back to his hometown on, you guessed it, Halloween. Hunting for his other sister Michael murders everyone in his path to get to her.

Myers stands well over 6-feet-tall and usually wields a rather long butcher knife. If that (and his scary pale white mask) isn’t frightening enough for you how about his zombie-like attribute of never seeming to die. No matter how many ways it seems like Myers is finally dead he pops right back up again.

4)   Freddy Kruger – Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes, believe it or not the nightmare demon himself actually missed my top three. Granted this whole list is simply based on my opinion only but I will briefly explain why Freddy isn’t as high up as many would rank him.

While I love the franchise and still get a kick out of watching them, Freddy truly became less scary with each film. He was the first well known horror icon that didn’t terrify me when I was a child unlike his counterparts Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Chucky, etc. The Elm Street franchise seemed to pave the way for cheesy comedy meshed into horror, giving us a load of garbage even to current day.

That being said, I thought the goofiness of Freddy when he spouted off his silly one-liners worked for the movies. Unlike almost all of films that tried to copy this formula, I found it fit the character.

Criticisms aside, the idea of Nightmare on Elm Street is absolutely horrific. A ghost/demon being that attacks and kills you through your dreams, scary! Not to mention the scarred face of Freddy and of course the famous glove with the 6-inch blades for each finger. I couldn’t let my opinion knock Freddy too far down the list!

Well that is all for now! Come back next time when I finish things off in the third and final installment. That is where I’ll reveal my top three favourite horror movie villains. Until then, sweet dreams!

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