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Addicted to Sugar – The Struggle Is Real

A badgeWhen most people think of addiction they think of someone being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Those are the two biggies that probably get the most attention. But there are a lot of other types of addiction based on the dictionary definition of addiction which is in part: persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful. By that definition and knowing what sugar can do to the body sugar is a substance you can become addicted to.

Are you addicted to sugar?

There are lots of different online quizzes you can take to find out if you’re addicted to sugar. Do I really need one to tell me I should cut back on my sugar intake? Probably not. While I don’t think I’m actually addicted to sugar I might be getting close. I do like my sweets but I love my savoury snacks too.
There are hundreds of books about combatting sugar addiction. And don’t get me started on the online articles. It could take forever to read through everything on the subject but none of it matters if you don’t do anything about your sugar intake.

So are you addicted? Do you eat when you’re not hungry due to cravings? Do you have a sweet tooth that won’t go away. Does cutting back on sugar make you uncomfortable? Too much sugar can be dangerous so you should try to cut back as much as you can. Check out this article and this one for more information. But there are thousands of hits so you can also Google sugar addiction.

I don’t always eat due to cravings. Sometimes it’s because I’m bored. Or anxious. Or stressed. Because I’m pre-diabetic I’m trying to reduce my sugar intake. That means I gave up pop. I try to keep junk food out of the house because if it’s here I’ll eat it. I will start keeping healthy snacks in the house and make sure I eat healthy food.

Addiction in the Standpoint Trilogy

Addicted to sugar

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While there is more than one addiction in my trilogy my main character Undine is addicted to sugar. At the beginning of the story she works in a candy store which helps feed her addiction. When she goes off to Campus she smuggles candy in, knowing she won’t be able to get a lot of it while at school. Part of the stress for her at Campus is hiding the candy but that turns out to be the least of her worries when she learns the secrets of Campus.
Since one of the major themes in my trilogy is addiction there are a number of characters who are addicted to various things. It’s not just sugar. There are other things characters are addicted to. Drugs. Alcohol. Food. Shopping.

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  1. Gayathri

    I don’t eat when I am stressed I just feel like banging my head against the wall! But I do have cravings sometimes and I end up putting assorted things into my mouth 😀 Apple cider vinegar helps. I started drinking it and it is keeping my cravings in control 🙂 Great write up! All the best to complete the challenge successfully 🙂

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