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Angels and an apocalypse

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What theme will I be doing with a kick off topic of angels and the apocalypse? Every year I’m excited to start the A to Z Blogging Challenge, usually with a theme, and every year I only make it part way through the alphabet. This year I hope to make it to the end using a speculative fiction theme. I decided very late in the game to try my hand at the challenge again (the day before) so I didn’t have a reveal post. My posts will be all over the speculative fiction map.

Angels in fiction

Angels are popular in urban fantasy, one of my favourite speculative fiction genres. Books, movies, TV shows, angels can be found everywhere. I haven’t read a lot of books with the Heavenly creatures, but I have a bunch from Amazon on my wish list. It’s an easy way for me to keep track of what I want to read. I did used to watch Touched By An Angel. And of course, there’s my favourite angel, Castiel from Supernatural. I had to throw the apocalypse in there because of my upcoming series Angels of the Apocalypse. When I first conceived of the idea, it was going to be one book with four angels. But four books, each book focusing on one angel and her goal sounded like an even better idea. I could explore their characters more fully and have more complicated storylines. Despite the impending apocalypse in the stories they’re mostly crime fiction/urban fantasy. I had a great time writing the first one and can’t wait start writing book two.

So much to research

Conceptual photo of the apocalypse

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Having a series starring angels, fallen ones at that, will require lots of research on my part. I don’t know a whole lot of angel lore. What I know I learned from Supernatural. The best show ever. Well, okay it’s tied with Buffy and Firefly. I’ll also be researching the apocalypse and its signs. I’ll need to find all the books I can on angels and how they watch over us. Books that talk about the apocalypse with all the signs. I will probably have to flip though passages of the bible at some point. Despite the presence of angels, and the apocalypse in the story being a biblical one, the series isn’t religious. It will be fun and kick ass though.

Fair warning if you intend to check out the series when it comes out. One of my angels swears more than a soldier. She’d make a sailor blush.

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