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Grey Feathers cover

Grey Feathers

She traded in her wings for a news anchor job. When War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse arrives, he’ll have to get through her first.

Becky can charm the pants off anyone with her news anchor good looks, genuine smile, and sparkling eyes. When she’s exiled form Heaven and stripped of her powers, she has no trouble fitting in at the television network as their star reporter. Beneath her vain exterior, she cares about the humans she reports about, and the audience who adores her.

After helping her sisters vanquish Conquest, she wasn’t expecting War to arrive so soon. With barely time to recover, she chases the story of a lifetime, following a trail of clues that brings with it a shocking revelation. A war between nations is on the horizon. To slow it down and stop the other horsemen, she and her sisters must restore their heavenly powers. But do to that they must discover why they were exiled. She only hopes they can figure it out in time to defeat the horsemen and save all of humanity.

Book categories: Pre Order and Urban Fantasy

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