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Nefarious North

The short stories…are enjoyable examples of
the genre at its best…always have a clever twist, a surprise ending, or a thrilling ride. The
authors in this anthology accomplish all of this in spades…

-Catherine Astolfo,
Arthur Ellis Crime Short Story Award Winner 2012.

Clever…intriguing…with surprising twists…The authors of Nefarious North brings us engaging stories that are brilliant gems – every one of them.

-D.J. McIntosh
National Bestselling Author

This thrilling collection of short stories is sure to haunt you in the best possible way!…Unexpected twists and turns entertain, tease and shock, while the breadth of content ensures every reader will find a gem in this this treasure chest of macabre tales.

-Lisa de Nikolits, Author

Delve into spine chilling, bone numbing crime stories that will set your teeth chattering as your run to lock your doors, turn on your lights and hide under your bedcovers.

Sixteen incredible authors bring twenty-seven tales of murder, mayhem, theft, cops and robbers to life, with twisted ends that will leave you reeling and begging for more.

Step into the Nefarious North and discover a world never before experienced.

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