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All Hallows Eve when you and old dress up. The old usually dress up for parties. The young to go trick-or-treating. Hallowe’en was always my second favourite time of year. Well, maybe I loved it as much as Christmas. It was a chance to be someone else for the night. Have fun. Watch scary movies (what ever happened to those?), or go to any one of the numerous Hallowe’en activities in the city.

This year we went to the Haunted House of Horrors in Guelph. I have one word. AWESOME. This dude does an amazing job. The movie props were great. The actors did a fabulous job. Walking through the house made me feel like I was in a horror movie. Which made me want to get back to my script. Soon I’m going to have to stop fixing it, call it done and submit it. The house also gave me nuggets of ideas for stories. Check out the website (link above) and view the photo gallery.

The last night for the haunted house is tonight. But the attraction is open every year around Hallowe’en. If you’re in Guelph around October 31 you should go. Some of the proceeds go to the Guelph Humane Society.

Tonight I get to go with my niece trick-or-treating. Can’t wait for that. She’s so adorable. Then I must hide any candy we might have left. Or I can keep it handy for NaNoWriMo.

Did you do anything for Hallowe’en this year?

Until next time…


Spring cleaning

I love spring. The weather is warmer, the sun sets later. People seem to be happier. But with spring comes spring cleaning. And boy do I have a lot of cleaning to do. I’ve let it go too long. The downside of being a writer is the housework takes a backseat. It’s lowest on my priority list so you can imagine the state of my house. The kitchen is fine. The living room isn’t too bad I guess. You can see the table and sit on the sofa. Even the bedroom isn’t overly bad. But none of it is spotless.

So, this week and for the next few weeks I’ll be going on a cleaning rampage. My main objective in all this is to get my office finally set up. I miss having an office. All of my books and office supplies in one place. An actual desk to sit at. A place to put my printer. Being able to find my pens, envelopes, paperclips, post it notes. Sigh.

I also want to get the “library” started in the basement. All of the books in the house in one place. Well, most of them. The research and writing books will be in my office. I’d like to get a sofa or at least a love seat in the basement so people can actually watch TV down there. There’s a nice television down there we aren’t using at all. It would be nice to be able to go down there if the boyfriend is watching something I don’t care to watch or playing a video game when I want to watch television.

Right now I’m off to work. The rest of the cleaning will have to wait until I get back.

Until next time…


Read an ebook

So it’s read an ebook week. I’m late, I know because ebooks really aren’t my thing. I’m an old fashioned girl when it comes to books. I like printed books. I like to turn the pages. I like the feel of them in my hands. I like the smell of them. I like seeing them on a bookshelf.

I thought I would give an ebook a try because my friend Danielle Gavan has a few out. She’s a great writer with interesting takes on some of your favourite princesses from your favourite fairy tales. I’m reading Tarnished Tiaras right now, an ebook of short stories that answers the question – what happened to the fairy tale princesses that the fairy tales didn’t tell us? You’ll never look at fairy tale princesses the same way again. I’m liking the stories. I’ve always loved fairy tales. And I’m not minding reading it on my iPhone either. I can read in bed with the lights off while the boyfriend is sleeping. You can buy her book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords.

Until next time…


Think about what you’re saying

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday afternoon was an all about me afternoon. And when I say ALL, I mean all. Everything I did that afternoon was for me. I went swimming, went to the bookstore and bought some books, ordered others. I went to a restaurant for lunch. Then I went home and watched two movies, giving my full attention to both. No laptop, no iPhone. The movies weren’t great but not all movies are of course. Just like not all horror movies are scary. FYI, none of the horror movies I watched on the weekend were scary.

Saturday the boyfriend and I went to a beer tasting in Waterloo. I drove so he could sample. The brewery was very nice and they had a good turn out. But lots of people drinking free/cheap beer has the conversation going all over the place. Some of it good, some of it not so good. Most of it though, had me more determined than ever to finish a few stories I have on the back burner.

Interesting word all. A lot of people use it without thinking about what they’re actually saying. All was thrown around quite a bit Saturday afternoon. If you’re going to use the word think about what you’re saying first. All women think men are jerks. No, they don’t. Plus, have you asked every single woman on the planet what they think of men? So how can you make that statement? All men think women should be barefoot and pregnant. Uh, no. At least not the men I know. And have you asked every single man on the planet? All religious people think non religious people are lazy. All non religious people think religious people are fanatics. Hmm. Did you talk to every religious and non religious person on the planet to come up with those conclusions?

You can say a lot of women who have been hurt by men think men are jerks. Or the women I talked to think men are jerks. You get the idea. FYI I do not think men are jerks. Some are sure. But most of the men I know are great people. I do not believe any of the all statements in the previous paragraph either.

Now here are a few alls you can use. All men are people. All women are people. All thumbs are fingers. All horror movies are movies. You get the idea. Think about what you’re saying before you use all to make a statement about someone, something, a group of people. We’ll all be happier if you do.

Okay, off to work. Where all the work I have to get done will not be finished in one day.

Until next time…


The Sims 3 as reward

I’ve been playing The Sims 3 way too much since Christmas. As a result I haven’t written much. Not even close to what I wanted to have accomplished by now. So I’ve decided to use the game as a reward for writing. Now some people might think if I really wanted to write I wouldn’t need a reward. That a reward for doing something indicates a desire not to do that thing. Not true. I have what I like to call writer’s ADD. I have so many things I want to work on I sometimes can’t pick which one. Do I work on the urban fantasy suspense? Or how about the romantic comedy script? Perhaps the horror short story.

But it’s not just the works in progress that vie for my attention. There are my Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything from the clues in my story to how many points I’ve eaten in a day. The websites I want to update or finish. A new software I bought to create WordPress templates. The books I should be reading. The movies and shows I should be watching. Yes, should because as a screenwriter I need to study movies and television. And of course family and friends time.

So, back to The Sims 3 as a reward for writing. I’ve set up my word count tracking spreadsheet to calculate how many minutes I’ve accumulated for Sims play. I must write enough words to accumulate an hour of time to play. It’s really not worth playing unless you have at least an hour. Every week the time I’ve accumulated resets. Since I need to write 12,000 words to be able to play for an hour I’m thinking The Sims is out for this weekend. Next weekend though my goal is to be able to play for at least an hour.

Right now I’m going to get some words done before I go to bed.

Until next time…


City of romance

Though I don’t write romance any more (well not really, though I do have a paranormal romance brewing) I still love romance. I still celebrate with romance authors when they sell. I still defend romance to anyone who would put it down. People, without romance most of you wouldn’t even be here.

So I was very pleased to learn that The Royal City of Guelph (a city close to my heart – the boyfriend lives there) was named the most romantic city in Ontario. See The Toronto Star article here.

All you romance writers and readers out there who read the article might have an issue with Seth. The author is quoted in the article and doesn’t have nice things to say about romance. Wonder if his wife knows how he really feels. I did a search and found his real name but I will refrain from commenting on his website (if he has one).

Now, I’m off to work. On the way I’ll think about what to do for Valentine’s Day. In the city of romance there’s bound to be something appropriate to celebrate the day.

Until next time…


Progress or not

Or not much progress. Well, I’m actually making progress on my movie watching goal. I’ve seen ten movies so far this year. I haven’t been doing the Wii Fit as much as I wanted. Actually, I think it’s been twice. I’m not worried though because the year is still young. I’ve lost seven pounds since I started my diet. Okay, so it was all in the first week. The second week I didn’t lose anything. But that will change.

I’m determined to get through my two books a month. I’m about a quarter through one right now. I have to start reading at night while I watch TV if I want to accomplish that goal.

I will be resuming my regluar blog postings too. This one is a day late. Tomorrow’s should be one time. Fingers crossed. It’s busy at work and I’ve been bringing work home with me.

Speaking of…I have to log into work to get something done before I go to bed.

Until next time…


Road Trip

The boyfriend and I went on a road trip this past weekend. I love road trips. You can learn a lot on them and you get to spend time in a new place. On the weekend we made the nine hour trek to Pennsylvania to visit a friend and her son. Road trips always go much smoother with planning. Luckily my boyfriend is a planner.

So what did I learn? I learned that getting an E-ZPass is awesome! You can get them at some of the service areas. No waiting at the toll booths. Loved that part. Didn’t love having to pay the toll to begin with. What’s up with that anyway? I’m used to driving in Canada where we don’t have to pay to drive on our roads. Unless you want to take our only toll road in Ontario. Which I never do. I shouldn’t have to pay to drive. I already pay too much to drive with the gas, the insurance, wear and tear on the car.

I learned that while they have Tim Hortons in New York the coffee there still doesn’t taste quite as good as the Tim Hortons coffee in Canada. There’s no place like home.

I learned that, at least in the town/city we stayed, there are no street lights! What’s up with that? Not even the main road had street lights. Luckily the moon was really bright so we could sort of see as we walked to the restaurant.

I learned that it’s a beautiful drive through Pennsylvania. The scenery was amazing. But I also learned that there is A LOT more road kill there. In a nine hour drive to Montreal last year I saw maybe two or three road kill animals. And they would have been small animals. On the drive from Pennsylvania back to Ontario I saw at least seven deer, a fox, what we think was a coyote plus various small animals. I really didn’t like that part.

I learned that if you can’t do anything else while you’re there you should do one of those Double Decker bus tours and you HAVE to see the Liberty Bell. We ate at City Tavern after our tour. The food was great. The servers dress in period costume. I bought the cookbook just because.

I also learned that my cat allergies are really bad when there are two cats in the house. We stayed with a friend who owns two adorable cats. The allergies weren’t too bad Friday night but by Sunday my head was pounding, I was stuffed up and I felt like I had a cold. Of course that is not going to stop a true cat lover! We are getting a cat on Sunday! I’m so excited but I must remember to stock up on allergy medications.

Now, I’m off to get something done. Of course because we were away I didn’t get much written but I’m still ahead for NaNoWriMo!

Until next time…


I’m back at work

Vacation is over and I’m back at work. 🙁 Not that I mind really. I do love my job. It was just so nice to be able to sleep in every day. No firm plans from one day to the next except for Wednesday when we had my family over for dinner. It was paradise.

Speaking of paradise, on Tuesday the boyfriend took me to Wings of Paradise. It’s a butterfly conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario. It was part of my birthday present. It was awesome. The butterflies were beautiful. The blue ones were stubborn and wouldn’t land long enough for us to get a picture. At least at first they wouldn’t land. Just before we left one of them finally landed and we were able to get some good pictures.

We had my family over for dinner on Wednesday. Despite the fact that I had never cooked a roast before, let alone a complete family dinner, it went pretty well. The roast turned out great. Everyone ate everything on their plates and some even had seconds. My niece was the cutest ever. She loved exploring a new house and backyard. Our backyard had wildlife. She loved the chipmunks and squirrels. Then after dinner she invented a stair party. It was great fun for her, not so much fun for the adults who had to sit on the stairs.

Friday the boyfriend and I went to downtown Guelph to explore a little. We went to a candy shop so I could get my Bottle Caps. Love those candies. Then we found a pottery place. Play with Clay looks like a lot of fun. You buy your bisque pieces, paint it and get them to fire it. And it’s not that expensive either. They also offer pottery classes which I’m thinking about taking. Oh! And just writing this down I’m getting an idea for a story. 🙂

The rest of the time we just chilled, slept in, watched movies. I played with a new website design to be revealed here shortly. I still need to make a few tweaks to it.

Well, I’m off to work. When I get the pictures off the camera I’ll post pictures from the butterfly conservatory.

Until next time…