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Wayback Wednesday – Bewitched

On my quest to watch the shows I fell in love with years ago, I searched through Netflix for one of my favourite television shows about witches. Bewitched. Charmed, of course, being the other one. I hadn’t thought of Bewitched in a while except in passing when a Charmed episode referenced the show. I loved it when I was a kid. The first episode aired in 1964. I wasn’t even born yet but thanks to syndication I got to watch Samantha Stevens after school, twitch her nose to make things happen.

I used to try to make my nose twitch like hers. Never could get it right. And of course nothing ever happened even if I did manage a good twitch.

I was thrilled to find Bewitched on Netflix. Not so thrilled when I watched some of the episodes. Darren didn’t treat Samantha well at all. Basically calling her a liar when she said one of his firm’s client’s was hitting on her. I was happy to see Samantha stand up for herself and leave him. And by leave I mean she popped out to wherever witches go when they aren’t in mortal land. He begged her to come back, finally only believed her when he saw with his own eyes that the client was hitting on her.

I just watched an episode that made me cringe. Darren is stuck working long hours into the night leaving Sam alone at home. She goes to bed and he’s not there. She wakes up to a note from him. So Endora suggests they go to Paris for lunch. After all it’s only a few seconds away if you’re a witch. So she goes. Unfortunately she runs into Larry Tate, Darren’s boss. And Larry and his wife want to know what Samantha said to Darren so he would LET her go. I had an issue with the whole letting her go. She’s her own person. He wasn’t home. It was only for lunch. Sure it was Paris but so what? At least by the end of the episode he’s resigned himself to the fact that he can’t hold her back as a witch. If she wants to practice witchcraft he won’t stop her. Of course I’m sure that won’t last long.

I haven’t seen any others after that. We’re still in the black and white phase of the show. I am enjoying the fact that I don’t remember any of the episodes so far. Not in detail the way I remember some other shows. So it’s like watching them for the  first time.

What about you? What shows do you want to go back and rediscover? Did you ever wish you could have Samantha’s powers?

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Wayback Wednesday – Star Trek: TNG

Marina Sirtis - Played Counselor Deanna Troi

Marina Sirtis – Played Counselor Deanna Troi


I associate wayback with songs and some of the songs they deem wayback make me feel old. 🙂 For me it’s more fun to look at shows I used to love (and in most cases still do). First up for my way back Wednesday feature is Star Trek: the Next Generation.

The fiancé and I have been watching them on Netflix, starting from the beginning and Encounter at Farpoint. Man did Wil Wheaton look young back then. And Jonathan Frakes looked so much better without that beard.

The five year mission (from the original series) changed to be a continuing mission. I guess just in case it didn’t last long or it lasted longer than five year. Either way they were covered. Luckily for us it lasted seven years. I say lucky because Hollywood has a habit of cancelling good shows before their time. But with a Star Trek franchise I think they were pretty confident it would do well.

And it did.

TNG spawned three more series (and a cartoon I think). Men and women went where no one had gone before.

We’ve been skipping over some episodes that I didn’t care for all that much when they first aired. But when they first aired you didn’t want to miss any. Now I focus on the ones I liked the most. So far I think we’ve only skipped five or six episodes and we’re on season three. My favourite episodes are the ones that deal with time and ones that deal with the holodeck. I haven’t seen one of my all time favourites again yet. The one where the crew is disappearing on Dr. Crusher.

There are so many great old shows on Netflix. Which one will I be talking about next week?

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