Ghostwriting Endorsement from CCindy’s ghostwriting services are available for most fiction genres. She requires a detailed outline from her clients. She remains in contact with her clients to make sure she is writing the story they want. She will also contact them to clarify plot points, make sure things she wants to add to the story are okay with her clients.

Ghostwriting Endorsement from RMPeople hire ghostwriters for a number of different reasons. Maybe you have a great story to tell but you just can’t get the writing part down. Perhaps you have too many story ideas and don’t have the time to write them all. Cindy can help. She can write stand alone stories. She can take over from you if you want to continue a series you don’t have time to write anymore.

If you have the premise, but you have problems doing an outline check out Cindy’s plotting and outlining service. If you also hire Cindy to ghostwrite the book, outlines are discounted.

Her rate is below. Fill out the contact form to request more information and to book her.

Cindy issues a contract with a confidentiality agreement.

Ghostwriting Rates

$0.11/word for fiction with a detailed outline provided by the client

$0.11/word plus $250 if you want Cindy to write the outline

$0.11/word plus $300 if you want Cindy to come up with the plot and write the outline


Cindy allocates 25,000 words per month to ghostwriting. If you require something of that length or shorter turnaround time is *one month.

For 50,000 words turnaround time is *two months.

For 75,000 words turnaround time is *three months.

For 100,000 words turnaround time is *four months.

*Barring unforeseen circumstances.

First available spot for 2022 is February.