Loglines – Just the Facts, Ma’am

Loglines – Just the Facts, Ma’am

Topics covered:

1. Introduction
2. I already have an idea – turning your idea into a logline.
3. Generating ideas – how to generate ideas for loglines.
4. High concept – just having a high concept doesn’t mean you have a logline.
5. Bonus Lesson – The Art of the Three Line Pitch
6. Staying focused – using loglines to stay on track

Feedback provided for student loglines

What people are saying about Loglines – Just The Facts, Ma’am

“Cindy has great insight into what loglines are and how to construct them.
Her feedback is spot on and the workshop was valuable.“ – Merrily Boone

“Thank you, Cindy. I appreciate the help you gave me!“ – Dee Gatrell

Loglines – Just the Facts Ma’am workshops in 2013

June 3 – June 21 2013Through CindyCarroll.com – click to register

Note: Due to the volume and detail of feedback, this workshop through CindyCarroll.com is limited to 35 students.