Plotting and Outlining

Have a great premise, but no idea how to write it? Need your premise turned into an easy to follow outline that will allow you to write the book faster? I can help. As part of my ghostwriting business I frequently turn a one or two line premise into a chapter by chapter outline of the story. I find outlining to be a lot of fun. If you don’t like outlining your story, I can help with the nitty gritty detail so you can have a road map to follow, which can make writing the book go much faster for you. I can give you an outline for a novella or a novel. You just need to tell me how many words you want the finished book to be.

Coming soon: premade plots! Want to write, but the ideas just aren’t coming to you? Want to venture into a new genre so you need help coming up with, plotting and outlining the stories? I’ll have a solution for you soon.

Outlining Rates:

Pricing for romance (standalone, first in series, or continuing a series I have already outlined books for). Genres that are more in depth and require more world building may be priced higher. Outlines to continue books in a series that were not outlined by me will be priced higher. Contact me for a quote.

$275 – Under 40K

$325 – 40-49K

$350 – 50-59K

$375 – 60-69K

$400 – 70-79K

Rush fee available for the price of the outline. For example 50-59K is $350, but if you wanted it in one week instead of two weeks it would be $700

What you get:

A logline for the story.

A short description.

Short character descriptions.

Core goals.

Core conflicts.

Emotions that might fit the chapter by chapter

Descriptions of the suggested settings.

Chapter by chapter breakdown.

Below is just an example:

Working title:

After her father unexpectedly dies, a young Lady must contend with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, who reduce her to the role of maid in the manor, forbidding her to attend a ball held for the Prince.


Cinderella keeps a positive outlook, even though her stepmother has turned her into nothing more than a servant in her own home. She dreams about the day of getting out of the house, having a life of her own again free from cleaning the counters, mopping the floors, making dinner for her ungrateful and hard to please step family. The invitation to the Prince’s ball brings with it the possibility of her dreams coming true. But first she has to figure out a way to attend the ball.

Core Characters:

The Prince – Mid twenties, tall, handsome. Rich. With a sense of duty to his kingdom, he is searching for a bride. He wants more than the typical ladies of the realm. But someone who challenges him, and doesn’t see him as just a source of never ending money has yet to reveal themselves.

– Early twenties, tall, fit, artistic. Bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters, she longs to escape the manor. She has a fear of rejection and abandonment caused by the death of her father and the bullying from his widow and her daughters. Despite the harshness of her life, she sees the good in people, and never complains.

Fairy Godmother 
– Matronly. Magical. Comes to Cinderella’s rescue, providing the means and opportunity to attend the ball.

– Forties. Resents Cinderella for the girl’s beauty and good nature. Realizes her daughters will never have a shot with any of the eligible bachelors in the land if she doesn’t lock Cinderella away.

Stepsister – Early twenties. Looks up to her mother and follows the older woman’s footsteps with bullying her new stepsister. Thinks she could be friends with the girl, but she would never go against her mother’s wishes.

Misc characters
 – Shop owners, castle guard, footmen, lords and ladies.


For The Prince – Do his duty, as dictated by the king and find a bride. He’s prepared for it to be a loveless marriage if necessary, but he wants love, companionship. He wants to make his father proud, show him he is fit to rule the kingdom when the time comes.

For Cinderella – Put her current situation behind her and get out from under her stepmother’s thumb. She desperately wants to live the happy, mutually respectful life her father had with her mother before they both died. She knows that kind of relationship is possible.


There are trust issues on both sides. The Prince has trust issues because his father lied to him. The King said he would let The Prince choose his own bride, but then went back on his word and organized a ball, inviting all the maidens of the land, without consulting him. Cinderella has trust issues because her stepmother acted loving and caring while her father was alive, but then turned on her, relegating her to maid in her own home.

Cinderella is impetuous, independent and shy due to her stepmother’s treatment. Having not left the manor much, she longs for new adventures, but the constant berating of her step family leaves her with self esteem issues.

The Prince is carefree, flirty and suspicious due to his father’s lies. He uses the flirting as a shield and to trick his father into believing he is actually interested in the parade of women presented to him at the ball.

Doubt, sadness, wistful (when thinking about the ball), pride, excitement (when getting ready for the ball), anxiety (when arriving at the ball and seeing everyone who she believes is better than her), anger, curiosity, apprehension, defensiveness, nervousness, confidence, skepticism, surprise, flustered, tormented, validated, worthlessness, self-pity (when her stepmother forbids her from going to the ball), stunned, happiness

Merchant in town – counter with cash box, shelves with product, sconces with candles flickering, hard packed dirt floor

Tavern – low lighting, dark wood booths, tables, cloth napkins, pewter tankards, candles on the tables, serving wenches

Cinderella’s room – cramped, faded walls, creaky stairs leading up to the room, spotless, lumpy pallet, worn bedclothes

The manor – large rooms, drawing room, large kitchen with a lookout to the back garden, courtyard, large bedrooms with Queen sized poster beds

The Prince’s castle – huge, winding staircase, marble floors, huge kitchen, long corridors, twelve bedrooms, large lawn, parlor, living room, dining room, high ceilings, the latest in wrought iron chandeliers

Chapter-by-chapter breakdown:

Chapter 1: Cinderella’s Point of View
Cinderella rushing through her morning chores, getting breakfast on the table for her stepmother and stepsisters. She’s excited because this is the one day of the month where she can go to the market. The one day of the month where she can interact with other people. Despite everything being perfect for breakfast, her stepmother finds fault with something. She always does. Cinderella is forbidden from going to the market. Her stepmother sends her daughters instead.

Chapter 2: The Prince’s Point of View

The Prince, back from his morning horseback ride, is summoned to his father’s chamber. The castle servants avoid his gaze, running about doing their chores. Exhilarated from the exercise, his spirits are high until he sees the stern look on his father’s face. His father drops the bombshell. There will be a ball in a month’s time, all of the maidens in the realm will attend and he must choose a bride.

First availability mid May 2022

Concept creation:

Want to write a story in a specific genre, but don’t have a concept? I can help. Tell me what genre you want and I’ll come up with a concept that includes a short summary of the idea.

*Custom concept: $60

*Premade concept: (Coming soon) $45

*No concept will be sold twice, but due to the nature of ideas some may be similar

First availability May 2022

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