Plotting and Outlining

Have a great premise, but no idea how to write it? Need your premise turned into an easy to follow outline that will allow you to write the book faster? I can help. As part of my ghostwriting business I frequently turn a one or two line premise into a chapter by chapter outline of the story. I find outlining to be a lot of fun. If you don’t like outlining your story, I can help with the nitty gritty detail so you can have a road map to follow, which can make writing the book go much faster for you. I can give you an outline for a novella or a novel. You just need to tell me how many words you want the finished book to be.

Coming soon: premade plots! Want to write, but the ideas just aren’t coming to you? Want to venture into a new genre so you need help coming up with, plotting and outlining the stories? I’ll have a solution for you soon.

Outlining Rates:

Pricing for romance (standalone, first in series, or continuing a series I have already outlined books for). Genres that are more in depth and require more world building may be priced higher. Outlines to continue books in a series that were not outlined by me will be priced higher. Contact me for a quote.

$275 – Under 40K

$325 – 40-49K

$350 – 50-59K

$375 – 60-69K

$400 – 70-79K

Rush fee available for the price of the outline. For example 50-59K is $350, but if you wanted it in one week instead of two weeks it would be $700

What you get:

A logline for the story.

A short description.

Short character descriptions.

Core goals.

Core conflicts.

Emotions that might fit the chapter by chapter

Descriptions of the suggested settings.

Chapter by chapter breakdown.

First availability mid March 2020

Concept creation:

Want to write a story in a specific genre, but don’t have a concept? I can help. Tell me what genre you want and I’ll come up with a concept that includes a short summary of the idea.

*Custom concept: $50

*Premade concept: (Coming soon) $35

*No concept will be sold twice, but due to the nature of ideas some may be similar

First availability July 2021

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